Welcome to This website serves as a distribution point for my public domain software. Feel free to browse around and download anything that interests you.

If the software on this website ends up being of use to you, consider making a monetary contribution, however small, to help subsidize its development. The software is free but the time and effort expended in developing it is not.


I originally became involved in open source as a Freshman in college. I wrote a multi-user chat program named BS on my university's public access UNIX system. This program began as a series of crude Bourne Shell scripts and eventually evolved into a rather powerful curses-based C program. I went on to write several other UNIX utilities, creating a reusable C foundation library along the way — this ultimately became cbase. I had officially entered the larval stage.

Upon entering the workforce, I gravitated toward Java, which became my language of choice for the next few years. However, my interest in Java quickly waned after I taught myself C++, and most of my current open source efforts are in C++. The commonc++ and libconfig projects are components of a larger C++ framework that I'm currently working on, and may actually release someday.